Who We Are?

NOWHERE.SO is an organization that focus on arts and culture related projects, including planning and administration, cross-over of different art forms, education and promotion.

Relied on the Service Orientation and Superb Originality, we have built up a win-win platform of arts, business, and education. Meanwhile, we work on audience-building and have become the sufficient bridge which links between arts and the audiences.

We provide solution and service for artist, arts and culture related studio, institution and organization, which include project management, audience development, branding and communication. Meanwhile, we also pay attention to consultancy and value-added service for commercial and educational organizations.

With the consistent arts education and exchange programs domestically and internationally, we pursue to convey the proper idea and concept of arts.


  • How to pronounce “NOWHERE.SO”?

    Normally it is “Nowhere So”. However, you are welcome to believe in your intuitive judgment and appreciated if it sounds like “Now Here So”. The word to be pronounced and heard is like the way we know arts: liberty and generosity. Arts is nowhere and now here.

  • What about your principle of arts?

    Respect, liberty, generosity.

  • Is there any specific meaning of .SO?

    Honestly, SO is abbreviation which stands for Service Orientation and Superb Originality. Nevertheless, .so is the domain of Somalia, the place famous for pirates. Easy easy, nowhere.so does not come from pirates.

  • What aspects of arts you focus on?

    In our opinion, arts is an organic whole, and thus our platform covers music, dance, drama, painting and so on, including artists and arts projects. We make efforts to introduce various arts forms, explore their inner connections and enchantment.